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About JHGC by Aderans

About Us

Aderans Singapore Pte Ltd took over JHGC (BIOTECH SG) 's business and services with its technology and philosophy on October 1st , 2020.

About Aderans & Aderans Singapore

Aderans is the No.1 selected wig company in Japan.

Founded in 1968, Aderans – Total Hair Solutions, the market leader of hair services from Japan, has 829 stores worldwide, of which 506 are in Japan and another 323 across North America, Europe, and Asia. Providing one-stop services including hair care, styling, hair growth and wigs, Aderans keeps expanding its presence globally and debuted its first store in Hong Kong and new SIAM Takashimaya store in Bangkok, repectively in September 2017 and in November 2018.

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About BIOTECH Group

BIOTECH Japan (known as JHGC in Singapore), the pioneer of the hair restoration and hair growth industry in Japan dedicating around 30 years to its cause is the first to be awarded a patent in the field of hair restoration and hair growth in Japan. In Singapore, BIOTECH Japan offer products and hospitality under JHGC brand.

We don't make wigs, nor do we perform hair weaves or hair transplants. At JHGC, we are engaged in constant research and efforts with the singular aim of restoring your own hair. As a result of our hard work, BIOTECH acquired the first ever Japanese patents in the field of hair growth and have successfully yielded tangible hair growth results for around 30 years. In future, we shall continue to delve ever deeper into the causes of hair loss and persist in our unwavering development of scientific and comprehensive methods for even better hair growth as we strive to provide firm support for everyone with the dream of having their own hair, not just in Japan but also in Singapore and throughout Asia.

Company Overview

An introduction to JHGC, The pioneer and the first to bring Japan's hair growth technology to Asia (Singapore). For people who want to regain their hair, now JHGC by Aderans is here to help.

Company Name Aderans Singapore Pte Ltd
Brand Name JHGC (Japan Hair Growth Consultants) by Aderans
Office Address & TEL 733 Bukit Timah Road, #01-02 Second Avenue Junction, Singapore 269748
+65 6468 0969
Salon Address & TEL 1 Scotts Road, #04-15/16, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
+65 6830 7898
Email orchard@jhgc.sg

Company History

An introduction to JHGC (known as BIOTECH in Japan), the pioneer of the hair restoration and hair growth industry.

BIOTECH's Japan nationwide network of specialist hair care salons have been dedicated to Hair restoration and Hair Growth for around 30 years. Our motto of providing total hair care with the ultimate technology and reliability has enabled us to earn the absolute trust and support from our customers. Through our profound research efforts, unique theories and systems, we have fulfilled many customers' dreams of hair restoration and hair growth since our establishment and we will continue to do so for as long as we can.

Company History
Jan-1981 BIOTECH JAPAN (known as JHGC in Singapore) was founded at Naka-ku, Nagoya city
Jan-1985 Armed with a portfolio of more than 2,000 research cases, the first specialist salon under direct management of BIOTECH Inc established at Kanayama, Naka-ku of Nagoya city.In the same year, the first franchise salon opened its doors in Aoyama, Tokyo. Altogether, 6 salons were opened in that same year.
Nov-1985 With the opening of specialist salon in Gifu, the number of stores reached 10.
Feb-1986 Hit 20 stores when the salon in Shinjuku opened.
Nov-1986 30th store with the opening of Ikebukuro salon.
Aug-1987 Patent awarded for BIOTECH's groundbreaking [Hair Restoration & Hair Growth System] (Patent No 1396867), a historical first in Japan.
Nov-1990 Reached 60 stores with Hiroshima salon, constant ongoing continual expansion and revitalisation ever since.
Dec-1992 A new patent for the new scalp sebum removal device awarded. (Patent No 1945953)
Apr-1993 Obtained patent rights for Hair Growth Agent. (Patent No 1839598)
Jul-1998 Obtained the patent for Hair Growth Supplementary Device. (Patent No 2798838)
Jan-2001 Announcing the launch of [EX Nano β].[Ex Nano β] is the world's first Hair Growth Liquid that is based on super fine particles of 1:1,000,000,000(10 nano) size that can penetrate deep into the scalp to achieve the best results.
Oct-2002 Market launch of the world's first LED display Hair Growth Activator Device [BIO LAZEX].
Apr-2005 Another patent for the achievement of Nano Emulsification with Hair Growth Agent (Patent No 3663404).
Apr-2007 Mr Ken Shimizu appointed as president.
Jan-2013 The 28th anniversary of our founding. We have 60 Hair Growth Salons and one Head Spa & Scalp Care Salon throughout Japan.
Jul-2013 First overseas salon Japan Hair Growth Consultants to open
Oct-2018 Moved to a new location, Scotts Road, #04-15/16, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208.
Oct-2020 Aderans Singapore Pte Ltd took over JHGC (BIOTECH SG) 's business and services with its technology and philosophy and changed its brand name to JHGC by Aderans.

BIOTECH Philosophy

“Centred on others”

Prioritizing the happiness and objectives of others over our own interests is our most important value.

To believe that "their happiness comes first" and to never give up on that belief -- Even if our actions are misunderstood along the way, we still deeply believe that it is the best way -- "Centred on others" is better than everything.

The belief of "Centred on others" is practiced in every aspect of our lives.

Three Spirits

We will cherish these three spirits with our philosophy “centred on others” in order to accomplish our mission.

  • Spirit of Sincerity

    Spirit of Sincerity

    Keep a sincere attitude, maintaining uncompromising professionalism while providing high-quality service to customers.

  • Spirit of Science

    Spirit of Science

    Utilise the latest knowledge constantly and make use of science for people's happiness, with emphasis on safety.

  • Spirit of Challenge

    Spirit of Challenge

    Continuously utilise the latest knowledge and make use of science to bring happiness to people and pay attention to safety.