Questions and Answers about JHGC by Aderans.


What type of companies are Biotech Japan and Biotech SG (JHGC)

Biotech Japan

  • ・The first company in Japan to open specialist hair growth salons
  • ・The first company in Japan to acquire patents for hair growth treatment sets
  • ・The first company in Japan to develop a nanoemulsion hair growth promoter

Ever since our founding in 1985, Biotech has been dedicated to research and development for the health maintenance and restoration of hair in order to provide help for those people who have lost confidence and are worried about the loss of their hair. We are an industry pioneer, having achieved many first within Japan. Our track record of treating over 10,000 customers in Japan and our technical strength, underpinned by patents, firmly sets us apart as an industry leader.

Biotech SG

Japan Hair Growth Consultants was established in order to provide people in Singapore with the technology and services developed in Japan by Biotech over more than 25 years.

How is it different from other hair growth salons?

There are 3 major areas that set us apart.

  • Products and Technologies Developed Based on a Unique Hair Growth Theory
    Our hair growth theory is comprised of the two elements ‘stepping on the accelerator of hair growth' and ‘normalizing the scalp environment'. The synergistic action of these two approaches makes it possible to effectively and efficiently promote hair growth. Our products and technologies are developed based on this unique theory.
  • Quality Consultants
    Consultants are an integral part of the Biotech hair growth system. Just as hospitals are staffed by doctors and nurses and the importance of mental support has come to be fully understood in recent years, our consultants are there to provide both the physical and emotional care required. As advisors for customers' hair and scalp needs, we place great emphasis on the quality of our consultants.

Since our founding, it has been our desire to form a bond of trust with each and every one of our customers. As such, our aim of providing our customers with hair growth salons is based on the principles of sincerity and honesty.

What are the reasons for hair fall?

There are 3 major areas that set us apart.

The reasons for hair thinning or hair loss differ from person to person. The 4 main causes of severe hair loss are given below.


Very often we hear people saying that [baldness is hereditary], but actually there are no symptoms of hair thinning or hair fall. Strong male hormones which contribute to male type hair loss syndrome and the tendency of alopecia from excessive secretion of sebum in the scalp can be said to be hereditary factors that are transferred from parent to children and children to grandchildren. Most of the people do not take any precautions or measures against hair loss believing that their “baldness is hereditary” and end up losing hair. The misconception that “hair thinning is hereditary” has become fixed in the minds of people because of this vicious cycle.

Lately we have come to know of the existence of male type hair loss syndrome and some of the other factors besides the hereditary hormonal theory are explained below.


Excessive stress causes autonomic nerve or hormonal imbalance which in turn affects the hair papilla or capillaries leading to hair thinning or hair loss. Further stress can cause "alopecia areata" a typical symptom of alopecia and this trait is more often seen in females than males.

Bad blood circulation

The mother cells from which hair strands originate get nutrients required for growth from the blood in the capillaries. If the blood vessels constrict and blood flow becomes bad, good quality blood does not reach the capillaries. Consequently unhealthy hair is formed leading to more hair fall.

What is the difference between hair loss in men and women?

Different Hair Loss Causes and Mechanisms

Women and men now play equally vital roles in society and there are increasing numbers of women who are worried about hair loss. However, the causes and symptoms of hair loss in women are far different from those in men. In the case of men, hair thinning is often down to the constitution of the individual and due to the effects of male hormones, with hair mainly thinning at the hairline and the top of the head. This constitution is genetic and has a high probability of being passed down from father to son to grandson. Conversely, hair thinning in women is often due to hormone imbalances caused by ageing. Other causes include everyday stress, hair damage due to excessive hair care, the trend of dying hair, and malnutrition during dieting. It has been claimed that hormone imbalances are mainly caused by decreased levels of the female hormone oestrogen. The symptoms in women are different from those in men, and the majority of cases display overall thinning centred on the top of the head. It is possible to restore a full head of hair by adopting measures appropriate to the causes of hair loss and by making lifestyle improvements. Hair thinning in women also tends to be easier to improve in middle-aged and older women than in young women.

Hair Thinning in Women Begins with Lifestyle Improvements and Scalp Care

In men, hair falls out and causes thinning. However, in women the hair does not fall out but rather each hair becomes finer and causes the overall volume to decrease. It is for this reason that, in women more than in men, eliminating the causes of scalp damage while increasing the production of IGF to activate hair matrix cells is the shortcut to restoring strong, healthy hair. Sebaceous glands are located at hair roots and are constantly secreting sebum. It is said that women secrete less sebum than men, but excess sebum can block pores and create an environment in which it is difficult for hair to grow.

Is there any treatment for thinning hair?

The first step in hair care is to determine the cause of hair thinning or hair loss. Paying attention to the hair loss symptoms or using hair growth agents merely will not be sufficient to eliminate the root cause. It is very important to study why hair loss or hair thinning is taking place such as whether it is male hormone, heriditary, stress, food or life style related to resolve the problem. Hair is a part of the human body and it is vital to have a healthy body, just as it is in medical treatment, in dealing with hair problems. We have summarised the important life style points beneficial to healthy hair and hair growth. Try following them at the slightest signs of worry for your hair. Everyone should start following the 5 points listed below as a "Measure against hair thinning".

  • Take care of your scalp and the shampoo you use
    As the first step in hair care, keep your scalp clean. Shampooing too many times can have a reverse effect. It is best to shampoo once a day. Always apply a conditioner after washing your hair. Use an amino acid based shampoo which is gentle on your scalp.
  • Smoking
    Blood vessels absorb nicotine which is present in cigarettes leading to bad blood circulation.
    Naturally it has an adverse effect on the capillaries connected to the hair roots thus causes hair loss. Remember that smoking is injurious to both your health and hair.
  • Excessive drinking
    When too much alcohol is consumed, the proteins required by the body are not produced in sufficient amounts causing poor hair growth. This does not mean that you cannot drink at all. A moderate amount of alcohol is good for your hair.
  • Lead a regulated life
    Hair grows mostly while you are sleeping and so late nights and lack of sleep are not good for hair growth. Junk food is also bad for your hair. It is important to include good proteins in your diet for healthy hair.
  • Do not take stress
    Stress is not just bad for your hair but it also takes a toll on your general health. Try exercising moderately, taking rest, taking up a hobby, going on a holiday or some thing else to beat stress.
What is good food for healthy hair?

In order for hair to be healthy, it is fundamental to have enough good protein.

Make it a point to include things like meat, fish, eggs, soya beans (eg bean curd) which contains a lot of essential amino acids in your diet.

Dieting will desprive the body of neutritions and thus slow down hair growth as well. That will worsen hair loss and thinning. Deficiency of iron makes your hair dry.

Eat more food containing iron like liver and spinach together with vitamin C which helps in the absorption of iron.

Nuts and bitter gourd contain a lot of vitamin E that will lower the fatty acids in our blood and make our blood condition more healthy. This helps with the blood supply to the hair cells and activates hair growth.

Other foods that help with hair growth are sea weeds etc.

Also, IGF (Insulin like growth factor) which is nicknamed [The Rejuvenation Substance] that is so useful for anti ageing and longevity is indispensible too.

Traditional Japanese lifestyle which called for sleeping early and rising early, doing the correct amount of sport and a ‘washoku' ( Japanese style food) based diet is conducive to increase of IGF.

Instead of having large amounts of a particular diet, the key is having a balanced diet.

By having a healthy daily routine and balanced diet, the effects of hair restoration and reduction of thinning can be multiplied.

Is there anything we have to be careful about with our hairstyle?

By doing the following, we can ease the stress on our hair.

Brush your hair gently and nicely.

It is important to brush our hair every single day. In order not to overstress our hair, it is important that we start brushing from the hair tips first. Avoid pulling tangled hair roughly and scratching the scalp with the brush while trying to reach the root since these are the reasons for hair fall and thinning. Ladies with long hair should pay extra care to brush gently and slowly. By starting from the ends, then the middle and then reaching deep into the roots slowly with the brush, improves the blood circulation to the scalp as well as gives a massage effects on the scalp along with removing the dandruff and dirt from scalp.

It does not damage your hair too much when you perm your hair.

It would be wise not to perm your hair if you are worried about thinning hair.

Choose the right colouring materials

While dyeing or bleaching, oxidising agents in the hair dye may stick to the scalp which in turn might damage the mother hair cells and the follicles. Note that if dyeing or colouring is done simultaneously with perming, it will put extra burden to the hair and scalp. But Henna that contains 100% natural ingredients also has a hair manicure effect and does not add burden to the hair. It can be used as a remedy for white hair too.

Try not to use styling agents

Styling agents like hair spray and hair wax are the biggest enemies to healthy hair growth. Apart from attracting dust and scraps, these agents block the hair pores which is bad for hair growth. Try not to use these agents as far as possible and make sure to wash them off with shampoo and conditioner even if you use them. In addition, pulling your hair back in a pony tail all the time also damages the hair which might lead to hair loss in future.

How long does hair grow each month?

Hair growth varies a among individuals depending on their age, life styles and health conditions. In principal it is believed to grow 1cm in a month. In that case it means that hair grows 0.03mm in a day.

Why does hair grow?

The mother hair cells generate and divide, that is why hair grows.
It is also believed that by expanding, the toxins in the bodies are excreted out of the body.

Do individuals have different number of hair pores? Can you increase the number of hair pores?

The number of hair pores and number of hair growing from one pore differs in each individual. Unfortunately, we cannot increase the number of hair pores.

As a result, there is no concept in our therapy to increase the number of hair pores.

When we shave our hair, will there be more hair after shaving?

The number of hair does not increase as the pores do not increase. But the cross section of the hair becomes thicker after shaving, it will appear that one has thicker hair after shaving.

Can hair thinning be hereditary?

One can say there is a link between hereditary and thinning hair. But it is not absolute.

Having life styles and living environments similar to those of the parents and having thin hair similarly does not mean the trait is inherited.

There is a chance of improving hair thinning by changing life styles.

What are the reasons for frizzy hair?

The cause for frizzy hair starts with curling and bending in the root and there are many reasons for this to happen.

Note that poor diet can change the shape of the hair and can result in frizzy hair.

Why colour and texture of the hair changes with different races?

It is said that there is a link between the living environment and the colour and texture of hair.

People living near the equator are exposed to ultra violet rays and it is believed that they have thick and frizzy hair to insulate themselves from the heat.

If the situation is reversed, thin and soft hair grow.

Similarly, people exposed to ultra violet rays will have darker hair.