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Series Lineup

    Hair Repro N-LED Sonic

  • A hair dryer that can quickly dry hair with a large air volume that does not get too hot and irradiate it with N-LED beam ™.
    * Equipped with plasma cluster technology
  • Hair Repro N-LED Sonic

    Beaustage Vegas Premium

  • Aderans Vegas Premium: Radio Frequency, Micro Vibration Face & Scalp at-home Beauty Machine

    Aderans Vegas Premium not only transmits 90kHz radiofrequency waves, which is gentle to your skin, but also delivers intermittent tiny and energetic micro-currents with delicate pulsations to make you feel of a manual massage like Asian fingertip tapping, which can help you relieve both facial and head muscle tension, and also improve your face shape.

    You can use this device together with your favorite serum or our exclusive face and scalp serum to help with the absorption, allowing essence of skin care products to penetrate deeply into skin cells.
  • Beaustage Vegas Premium

    Hair Repro SC

  • This cleaner can efficiently remove dirt (aging keratin, sebum, etc.) from the scalp and pores of the skin, which is difficult to remove by washing alone. For those who are more conscious of their skin and scalp care. This is a great product to use.
  • Hair Repro SC

    Hair Repro Z

  • 【1】Contains moisture with the power of ions. With the repulsion of ions, it moisturizes the skin with vitamin C and other serums. You can choose the level of experience that best suits you, so you can rest assured. You can see the difference between hand and cotton care.

    【2】 Beauty blossoms with the power of the new Ultra Pulse. It promotes the penetration of polymeric components such as hyaluronic acid, which is difficult to penetrate. In addition, it has evolved into an intermittent pulse (T-MFIT) that can also change the mode. You can also expect a healing effect just like Shiatsu performed by an esthetician.

    【3】Red LED stimulates the factors in the deepest part of the skin. It makes your skin brighter, shinier and more beautiful.
  • Hair Repro Z