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Introduction to knowhow based on advanced hair care theory
(Hair loss prevention care/hair growth promotion care)

Salon Treatment

We will help you with hair loss and thinning hair problems.
You can experience the JHGC by Aderans' Advanced Care, such as scalp check, treatment, ozone irradiation, etc.

Applying the original
scalp care agent

Evenly apply the scalp care agent developed by our proprietary technology which can stimulate hair growth.

Opening pores
by far-infrared steam

The scalp is steamed after applying the scalp care agent to open up the pores on the scalp with far-infrared heat, and allow sebum deep in the pores to resurface.

Scalp massage using skilled

Apply skilled techniques to massage scalp carefully and rub out sebum clogged in the pores that has been resurfaced by the effect of steam. You can enjoy this scalp massage offered ONLY by JHGC by Aderans.


The sebum in pores are completely resurfaced by massage, and washed away with the original amino acid-based shampoo.

The original hair restorer that
can increase IGF production

After washing off the sebum clogged in pores, apply our proprietary hair tonic "Bio-with-one" ultra-fine active ingredients under 100 nanometers that penetrates to the deepest pores. It can promote hair growth that specialises in increasing of the IGF production.

Refresh the scalp with ozone
irradiation for stronger hair

Irradiated with ozone with bactericidal effect to refresh the scalp and strengthen the hair. Relax while your scalp is being refreshed.

Blue Light & Bluesage Care

Blue Light & Bluesage Care

Blue Light Care

This is a 30-minute LED blue light treatment for increasing IGF production. This treatment not only promotes hair growth and hair restoration but also has an anti-aging effect.

Bluesage Care

After 30 minutes of "Blue Light Care", a scalp/neck/shoulder massage will follow. The massage is effective in increasing IGF production whilst promoting blood circulation and relaxation.



JHCG by Aderans offers a wide range of products and brands to meet a variety of needs.
In addition to a wide range of original products created with the know-how of JHCG by Aderans, we offer a wide range of products that can be used with peace of mind for the health of your hair and scalp.


Experience JHGC by Aderans'
Total Scalp Care!

Let's awaken the power of hair growth!
The trial course is about 2 hours long!

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